Universal On-Site Coatings L.L.C. has been spraying on site applications for over twenty years. Our experience is unsurpassed and our projects includes goverment work both forign and domestic. Universal on site coatings will spray all sizes of projects never to small or to big.

Universal On-Site Coatings L.L.C. offers numerous varities of blends and we will fit the material to the projects. Universal has choices on colors, tensile strength and texture of applications.

Universal On-Site Coatings L.L.C. applies a custom blend to every job. They range from custom water features, garage floors, restaurants, walk in freezers, tanks (both corrosion and potadle). No bacteria can grow on our product so it is safe in medical facilities, kitchens, daycares, schools and static free rooms. Most products are fire retardent and do not conduct electricity.

Universal On-Site Coatings L.L.C. welcomes your custom project idea.

Feel free to contact our knowledgeable staff.

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